Shawn William Byrd has some Metaphysical and Radionics info now up

This information was posted to the web earlier today, but here is an excerpt and link to the entire page. Shawn William Byrd has some interesting ideas about metaphysics and the like.

What is Metaphysics? Generally speaking, it is the study and practice of the universe and it’s energies as applied to our well-being and lives as we live and interact with the world around us.

Some may refer to this as “woo-woo” science, or flat out scams and nonsense. I beg to differ, as do many around the world who have received benefits from things they cannot perceive, yet seem to affect them.

There are various energies and frequencies always in and around us. Remember from science class, how atoms are contantly moving (heat energy) and their parts (electrons) are in constant orbit around the nucleus? Well, what

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Learning new information is always beneficial.

Shawn Byrd shows the corner of the wooden box.