Adam Lanza Shooter noted by Shawn William Byrd

It should be noted that Adam Lanza was obviously not right in the head (mental illness?). There are a lot of theories floating around as to why he went about doing what he did. Shawn William Byrd doesn’t think any real reason will come to light. Why, says he?

There are too many discrepancies in the stories, videos, audio, interviews, and photos to make anybody believe with certainty of any particular motive. Most definitely, he obtained the weapons used illegally. The gun control debate appears to be the obvious reason, but only the insiders to this case know for sure. The truth will eventually filter down, but how long will it take? Maybe it won’t even make it that far. Time will tell.

Sandy Hook Elementary noted by Shawn William Byrd

It is a tragedy when children are killed, cold and calculated, anytime.

There is no shortage of evidence that this transpired, however, there is still no clear and convincing stories that make this a straight open-and-shut case of a crazy man on a rampage.

This is an op-ed, so jump down your own throat if you take issue with this. I’m going a little tin foil hat, but really, think for yourself.

Where are all the locals being interviewed, as has happened elsewhere? Don’t know. Why all the changes in officials’ stories? Don’t know. The government has it’s ways, but many don’t want to see it. I am not advocating anything, just be a little more critical of the media and it’s information [or disinformation].

That is all.