The 2T2 Amplifier Engine by Shawn William Byrd is Radiant!

The 2T2 amplifier engine is used in many radionics devices. The name 2T2 is pronounced like “twenty-two”.

This electronic system is powerful and adjustable, it is modular and easily integrated, and the sensitivity and output ratings can be changed as needed.

As it is a modular system, it is more compatible with the other products that Shawn William Byrd has developed, and even with those of competitors. Imagine, using another device with new accessories and arrays! We’ve just extended your old machines life and ability.

We have a product line, so feel free to browse over to and see what may be coming next!

Here is a New Device Shawn William Byrd was Contracted to Make

Just thought I would share this with you. Among the many things that Shawn William Byrd does, and can do, this is one of them.

It is the BioMirror 1, which was decided to be a cross between the BioMirror and BioMirror Plus II boxes.


This is the BioMirror 1, which is a homepoathic duplicator and remote treatment device.

BioMirror 1, homeopathic and remote treatment