Lone Star College Shooting noted by Shawn William Byrd

Now there has been another shooting on an educational campus, and of course it was a “gun free zone”. Shawn Byrd smells some B.S. You realize that guns are already not allowed on campus. So why didn’t the letters printed on paper stop the shooter? Guess.

The rule of law is not respected by those who take what they want. Whether it be something from a store, burgled money, or a persons freedom and sense of well-being, a criminal does not follow what is printed on paper.

There are so many things that are illegal, yet the sheeple believe that others will blindly obey. Not so, in this case.

If someone came in with a sword or machete, and they started swinging it in the middle of a crowd, many could die, many would suffer major trauma. A weapon is a weapon.

The only weapon that needs to be holstered is the ill-thoughts that dwell in the human mind that are given the light of day. Think about the bad things all you desire. It is healthy. Work out the details and consequences in your head, and then dismiss them as not allowed.