14-Year-Old-Boy Shot at Atlanta Middle School noted by Shawn William Byrd

It should be interesting to note, writes Shawn William Byrd, that the middle school shooting did not involve a) an adult, and b) an elementary-aged school child. Also, it was an off-duty cop with a gun that saved the day.

A sample gun

No, this was not the gun, just a stock photo.

This will fade into the internet news void, because it is not the shooting du-jour. “We must do it for the children!”, shouts the uninformed and quick-reacting persons. What is this world coming to that the logical consequences from actions are not anticipated, especially those of a somewhat distant nature? Lame.

Sandy Hook may be a conspiracy, but this type of story here happens far more often, and a gun beat a gun. Plain and simple. Maybe the one kid had a beef with the other kid. Maybe he was just flippin’ nuts. Either way, the gun that could not be there by common citizen was there by virtue of the powers that be. The same powers that be who are intent on making sure we can’t be as prepared as them.

I guess the government did save us, after all. Bow down and kiss their feet. Oh wait, the shooter had already broken the law (many times over), so it didn’t matter. He was not a legal gun owner, so the rules did not make a difference, yet again!