This Has Shawn William Byrd Amazed, Our World!

Are you ready to get your mind blown? Shawn William Byrd came up with some thoughts on what our Earth looks like, and how little there is to it.

Let’s make a spherical model (ball) of the Earth that is 2 meters in diameter. This ball is a little wider than the average person can reach with their arms outstretched, tip to tip. Got the mental picture, OK? That makes each millimeter on our model about 4 miles (6.4 kilometers) long.

The highest peaks and lowest valleys are less than 2 millimeters in size. The deepest hole dug is less than 1 millimeter. The deepest hole drilled is still only about 2 millimeters deep. The clouds are consistently less than 4 millimeters above our model.

What is considered the boundary of space is about 15 millimeters above our model, with the space shuttle flying about 100 millimeters (10 cm) high. Geosynchronous orbit is a whopping 6-1/2 meters away!

The average depth of all the oceans and seas is only 0.6 millimeters. For 3/4 of the world covered in water, that is a very thin skin of it.

It’s interesting to think that we are almost literally clinging to the surface of a ball of rock. No wonder we don’t know much about our planet, we have barely “scratched the surface” of it!

I hope you like this!

Shawn William Byrd took a picture of an oak tree that has some remaining leaves in autumn.

Shawn William Byrd and leaves to his oak tree.

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