Psycho Cybernetics was read by Shawn William Byrd

So, Shawn William Byrd has read Psycho-Cybernetics, by Maxwell Maltz, foreward by Melvin Powers. Yes, it is used nowadays as a self-help book, but it was developed by a doctor who was trying to help his patients see themselves in a better light.

Not only does it cover topics such as self-awareness and personal feelings of one’s outward appearance, it provides the basis for teleological processes. If there is such a thing as fate, it is not real to Shawn Byrd. Fate does not allow any deviation from the end-state. How one gets there is open to manipulation.

The “spiritual” view built in this book deals with teleology, or final causes. If possible, the desired outcome is envisioned, and the path to it is not always planned accordingly. If one has a goal in mind, then the current (or future) resources available are utilized to accomplish that goal. The things that aren’t counted in those resources are often “miracles” or just accepted as routine. No amount of planning can cause someone to reach their goal entirely on their own, because all things affect all things. The thoughts given by a goal go into the universe, and the subconscious also does things for us that we do not notice.

If one has an open mind as to the make-up of life, the universe, and everything such as does Shawn William Byrd, then this book will be more than an eye-opener.